Good Mood Dudes

Whitepaper last updated: October 4th, 2022.
Good Mood Dudes is a collection of unique characters by the Good Mood Brand ayoka chilling on the Solana Blockchain. ayoka is a European based retail brand that produces, markets, and sells products that increase your mood.
Currently, ayoka products are being sold in over 1200+ stores in Europe. The Good Mood Dudes collection gives you the chance to invest into the success of a real-life brand.
Good Mood Dudes is the first step in creating one of the worlds first fully digitalized and democratized consumer brands by using the power of Web 3.0
Our mission is it to spread good mood everywhere because ayoka is more to us than a simple retail brand ayoka is the belief that this world deserves more joy.
We believe that the world deserves more joy. This is why we founded ayoka. ayoka (yor. “the one who causes joy”) is an Austrian based retail and lifestyle brand that invented the mood enhancing beverage “ayoka – Good Mood Drink” and now we created iour first NFT project called Good Mood Dudes.

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What you need to know: Full Release: November 10th
Total Supply: 2850
Launch Site: Magic Eden Launchpad
Price: 3 SOL Public, Reduced price in Presale
Resale Royalties: 10%
Utility: Product Discounts, Custom IRL Merchandise and Collectibles, Revenue Share, Staking rewards, $AYO Tokens